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July 16, 2004

Poor ole' Bobby Fischer...

At one time, Bobby Fischer held a large part of the world in thrall. A genius, a chess prodigy, a Grand Master at the age of 15. His international championships were--it's hard to believe--compelling TV.
But then he quite simply lost his mind.
He also got himself sideway with UN resolutions and US laws concerning economic sanctions against the former Yugoslavia, when he went there for a chess match against Boris Spassky.
He also became an unrelenting anti-Semite, applauding the 9/11 disaster as something that American Jews brought on themselves.
In any event, the US cancelled his passport. When Fischer went to use it to leave Japan, where he'd been hiding for a while, he got grabbed at the airport. Japan will likely extradite him to the US. And we're likely to be hearing some incredible rants in the near future as he faces the courts.