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August 13, 2004

Other hurricane links

Weatherbug is blogging out of the Tampa area. His blog is meteorologically based and a very interesting read.

Instapundit is linking to bloggers covering the storm. And, to respond to his query, "No, I'm not sticking around to blog the storm and put myself in danger." I'm actually about as safe as I can be and still be in the area. I expect to lose electricty--and thus the ability to blog--long before I lose a roof.

The National Hurricane Center is the definitive website to go for things related to hurricanes. They issue all the warnings, so obviously you'll find them readily at the site. Also great links to various plots, predictions, and imagery--visible light bands, infra-red, etc.

Local news organizations are covering it as well. Take a look at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. They have links to SNN-Local 6, a cable channel that has excellent storm information and coverage.